Sherman Woods Association Articles of Association


Modified 10/2005 6/2006, and 12/2013


The name of this voluntary association shall be the Sherman Woods Association.


The purpose of this organization is to further the interests of the residents and property owners of the Sherman Woods Association. To do this it shall enforce all property restrictions, raise money to improve community property, and do other lawful acts to the mutual advantage of said residents and property owners.


Active members shall be residents of Sherman Woods Plat who have paid their annual dues and have not been suspended by the Board of Directors. There shall be one active membership for each residence.


The Directors shall schedule an annual meeting of all active members to inform them of the current year's activities, finances and future plans or when five active members request such a meeting in writing. In doing so, the President and/or Secretary shall notify all the residents through postal mailings, flyers and/or electronic mails two weeks prior to the meeting of its date, time and location. Unless otherwise provided herein, Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all such meetings.


The Directors shall be of six active members, three elected from the north section and three from the south section. The division shall be made by a line running east and west halfway between Edison Boulevard and La Salle Boulevard. Lot 18, Block 3 and Lot 11, Block 4 shall be included in the north section and Lot 4, Block 4 shall be included in the south section

The Directors shall prepare a ballot showing the names of all active members seeking directorship in each section and each active member shall vote for three in each group. The three members in each group receiving the most votes shall then become the elected Directors.

Elections shall be held on or before the 1st of December so that the new Directors shall elect officers and take office the 1st of January. A committee of three members, selected at the annual meeting (who are neither directors nor candidates) shall distribute, receive and tally the ballots and then communicate and disclose all the votes and results to the Board at their next meeting. The existing Board will formally advise the membership of the election results.


The term of office shall be two years. If during his or her term of office, a Director sells his or her property, moves out of Sherman Woods or is otherwise unable to serve, the remaining Directors shall appoint an active member to fill out his or her term.

The Directors shall elect a President who shall preside over all meetings, a Secretary who shall keep the minutes of the meetings and a Treasurer who shall be responsible for all monies and who shall provide a financial statement of the income and expenses to the membership at the annual meeting. All officers shall be Directors.

The directors shall be responsible for urging that there be compliance with all property restrictions. They shall be solely responsible for the money received from dues and shall use the money for the improvement of the community property and any other purpose which shall be of benefit to the community. However, they must seek the approval of the members for any capital improvement which exceeds $ 1500.00.

The directors may change or add to the Articles and or community rules only with the approval of the members of Sherman Woods.

The directors may appoint committees to help in the handling of any specific matter.


The fiscal year of the Association shall begin January 1st and end the last day of December of each year.


The annual dues for the members of the Association shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Any member whose dues are sixty days in arrears, from the date of the initial billing therefore, may be suspended by the Board of Directors and shall not be reinstated a until all back dues are paid.


A notice of any special assessment will be sent to the full membership . There shall be no special assessment unless at least three-quarters of the active members approve of the assessment by written ballot.


A notice of proposed Articles of Association amendments shall be sent to the full membership at least 30 days before voting on such amendment. Two thirds approval in the returned ballots would carry the proposed change.


Said covenants, conditions, and restrictions as recorded in volume 295 of Deeds, page 180-182, Sherman Woods Plat, City of Port Huron, Michigan, are incorporated by reference into these Articles.


1. No commercial enterprise or enterprise of any kind for profit shall be maintained. The premises must be used solely for strictly residential purposes.

2. Only one house and garage shall be constructed on any one lot.

3. No part of any building shall be placed within 20 feet of the front lot line, nor in the case of the corner lots within 10 feet of the side of the lot next to the side street. No part of any residence shall be built less than 12 feet from the residence already built on any adjacent lot.

4. No premise within Sherman Woods Subdivision shall be rented.

5. No fence shall be built along the front line of any lot, nor within 20 feet of such front line, nor any fence anywhere more than 42 inches high from the ground.

6. No animals may be maintained on any premise, in such a manner as to be offensive to neighbors.


The following rules shall apply to the use of the community property and it is the duty of each member to see to it that these rules are fully obeyed. These rules may be amended only by a two thirds majority of votes cast.

1. Community Property

Community property consists of the beach, grassy area adjacent to beach, Sherman Woods tennis court and boulevard gardens. The community property is for the use of the residents and property owners of Sherman Woods only. Public use is not allowed.

2. Guests

Residents and property owners may invite guests to use the community property. Residents and property owners must accompany their non-family guests and be responsible for them. Family members do not need to be accompanied by the resident or property owner. If the actions of any guest become objectionable to the members, the Directors shall request the member not to invite the guest again.

3. Security

As neighbors we all try to keep the neighborhood safe. Please notify a Board member of unsafe conditions found in the neighborhood. Also notify a Board member if here are thefts or vandalisms reported to the police.

4. Signs

The members of the association have agreed to prohibit real estate, political and other such signs from the neighborhood. While these signs are generally unacceptable, the use of "open house" signs is acceptable for the period of the open house.

5. Parking

Generally, parking on the street creates no particular problems. Each resident is encouraged to provide off street parking for all permanent vehicles in the household. Guests and vehicles can park on the street as necessary. Residents and guests are encouraged to park so that no drives are blocked, and not directly opposite driveways.

Parking on special occasions and near the boulevard islands can create special problems. To facilitate access of emergency vehicles during these special occasions, each Association family should request that all street parking be on only one side with the least number of driveways per block. Parking on Conger Street is restricted to the side opposite the beach. Parking or storage of campers, travel trailers, buses and boats shall comply with Port Huron Code, Sec. 52-677.

6. Trash

Trash containers are not to be visible from the street prior to setting out for pickup on Mondays.

Trash is normally picked up on Mondays. Setting trash out one half hour before sundown helps to maintain the special appeal of our neighborhood. City Ordinance states trash should not be put out until 4 P.M. the day before pick-up.

7. Beach

The residents are free to use the beach at all times. Excessive noise should be avoided at all times, but after 10:00 P.M. please try to be considerate of those residents that live nearest the beach. If they request reducing the noise, we hope that all would comply without complaint.

The volleyball court is for general use. The net is stored in the shed near the tennis court during the winter. Benches and picnic tables are for all to use. They are moved to the shed at the end of each season.

The shuffleboard court are for the use of all residents. There are now 2 sets of Association-owned equipment. They are stored in the shed near the tennis court.

Fires on the beach are acceptable. We have provided special fire pits at each end of the beach for your use. Do not leave fires burning unattended. Please do not put fires out by filling the pits with sand. Water quickly puts the fire out, and leaves the remaining wood available for others to use.

Do not place metal or glass in the fire pits. There are trash receptacles at several location near the beach. Each resident is asked to leave the beach cleaner that when they found it.

Do not move tables and benches to the beach area. Moving tables and benches for group functions in the grass area is acceptable, but please replace them to their original positions as you clean up

No permanent fences, houses, boathouses or other structures may be placed on the beach or parkway.

8. Boat Hoists

Prior to the boat hoists being placed, residents owning hoists must inform the Board. Only boats or other watercraft solely owned by residents may utilize Sherman Woods Beach for launching. Any boat not being used in the regular boating season must be removed from the beach.

Boat hoists may only be placed at either end of the beach. They should be placed as close to each other as possible. Sharing the access ramps help to minimize the space used. We try to maximize the view of the lake while supporting the boating needs of the residents; therefore no boat hoists may be placed in the water or on the beach south of La Salle Blvd. or north of Edison.

Hoists and ramps must be removed from the beach if they are no longer needed. Ramps should be pulled back from the water at the end of the boating season and replaced at the beginning of the next season. Place hoists as close to each other as possible. Check the calendar and coordinate with the other neighbors.

Beach-launch boats should be grouped. Additional details concerning boats, hoists and watercraft are detailed in the guide to boat owners.

9. Large Gatherings

Members having a party (25 or more) at the beach or tennis court shall contact the Board as early as possible. We need to know so that we get the word out to others in the Association and to the security and possibly the lawn maintenance crew.

All large parties must be held at the north end, south end or on the patio of the common area or at the central common grounds.

The Board has established a guide for gatherings with additional rules and details concerning sharing, parking, cleanup and other facilities.

10. Tennis Court

(Reserved for future approval.)


Modified 10/2005 and 6/2006

Edited 2/21/2012  (Gender neutral and punctuation only)

Revised by ballot of the membership, December 2012 (Article XII only)