Common Property Use Guide

Common Property Use Guide

Sherman Woods lot owners also own equal shares of two significant assets, generally referred to as the “common properties”, or the “beach lot” and the “tennis court”. These properties are available for the use and enjoyment of residents and their guests. All owners in Sherman Woods pay enhanced taxes on their homes in lieu of a separate tax on the common properties. The value of these properties, especially the beach, have a significant positive impact on our property values and the general quality of life in our neighborhood.

In order to maximize the enjoyment and benefit of these properties for all residents, it is recognized that guidelines for use of these common properties by larger groups (as guests of a resident property owner) are in the best interests of all residents of Sherman Woods. The Board of Directors has updated the Guidelines for Common Property use. (previously titled “Large Party Guide”)

(For reference purposes only)

Guidelines have been suggested as follows:

1.  Always be considerate of your neighbors when using common properties for any purpose. Respect the wishes of residents who have asked to reserve common properties for their special function.

2. When a resident plans any group function, they are asked to consider and plan to take care of the following…

* Parking availability

* Clean up of trash (if it will not fit in the containers on the boulevard , take the trash home)

* Return tables and benches to their original positions

* Put out fires with water

* Return folding tables, tent(s) , clean and dry if used

* Do not take glass onto the beach

3. A member of the board of directors is to be notified when any resident plans to have 25 or more guests at a function using a common property. This notification is for communication and planning purposes, coordination of irrigation and power usage, to avoid any conflicting plans for use of the same facilities, and to ensure that the use of the properties is available to the maximum extent for the most residents. Residents are responsible for their guests.

4. Reduce noise to a level that will not affect the neighboring homes after 10pm

5. If a resident wishes to have a portable toilet for a function on a common property, it must be placed as close as practical to the day of the event and picked up the same day or at the latest the morning after the event. Most providers have indicated they will provide this service and many provide low visibility units in neutral colors with little of no advertising. Please request this type. At the beach lot, the unit should be placed at the end of Edison or La Salle, in line with the road. On the center lot, it should be as close to the storage shed as possible. If a resident decides to have a portable toilet placed at their home, please place it away from the road.

Most importantly, enjoy the common properties safely and with consideration for your neighbors.